• Let's throw kindness around like confetti!! I am convinced that kindness is contagious. You never know what one small act of kindness can unleash. If we want to see the world change, we must begin ... View Post

    Do All Things With Kindness
  • Alabama has always been home, and Birmingham is where my heart is. No matter where you travel, there is nothing quite like home. So wherever local is for you... darling it is so lovely! Two color ... View Post

    Local is So Lovely
  • Sometimes life throws us some curve balls. Often when we least expect it. Sometimes in those moments you have to dig deep and begin preaching to yourself. You have to remind your heart that you are ... View Post

    Courage, Dear Heart
  • Two is always better than one! We were never meant to go through this life alone. So this one is for the best friend, the co worker, the team player, the sister, or just anyone who needs the reminder ... View Post

    Better Together
  • This is one for the person who make your life worth while! This crazy little thing called life is an adventure all on its own, but if were lucky, we get a few people given to us that we share the ride ... View Post

    You’re My Adventure